Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Justin at School

Hebrew Play 

Justin's 2nd Grade Authors Tea

We could not be more prouder of our Justin.  He worked so hard this year in school and is ending the year right where he should be.  He is a confident and thoughtful student.  His teachers, friends and family love him!!!!

Monday, June 05, 2017

Cuteness in the Rain

What a rainy June we have had!  Still smiling and looking cute...

Sunday, June 04, 2017

Karate Belt Test Spring 2017

I love this picture with all my boys in it!

Hard punches!

What is better than these kick pictures?!?

The boys worked hard all year for their new belts.  It looks like Ezra is the only one that will be continuing next year.  It is getting complicated with Seth's middle school schedule and Justin has different interests.  It has been a great experience with karate and Sensei Chris!

Schechter Soccer

Jerald's long and illustrious career as a Schechter Soccer coach has come to an end.  After 6 years of Sunday 9am coaching Jerald is retiring.  The boys are ready to move on and so are we.  What a great job Jerald did for our boys but also for all the kids on his teams over the years!  

Volunteer Dinner - PA President

The last two years of my life have been heavily taken up by my role at the boys school, as the head of the Parents Association.  I always thought I would end up in this role at some point.  My Mom was one of the most involved parents at my school.  It was so special to get to see her so much at school and I could tell, even then, that she was doing it out of love for us!  I wanted to follow in this great example.  My plan was always to go "back to work" when our littlest was in Kindergarten.  This role is pretty time consuming, so the timing seemed about right.

I am now a few weeks away from leaving this position and am so grateful to have had this great opportunity to help this amazing school and community.  I am really proud of so many things that I envisioned and was able to accomplish.  They all didn't get done, and I have been suffering through a bit of burn out in the Spring as I started a part-time job - but I can say I am proud of what I did.

It will be weird leaving the top position - it is fun being in the know and helping move the direction of the school.  But on to the next challenge.....

Friday, June 02, 2017

2017 Field Day!!!

Thursday, June 01, 2017

South Carolina Vaca - travels home?

Ugh what a trip home!  We got to the airport to find our flight was delayed - then our connection home was looking questionable.  We switched flights and made it out on the first one.  In NJ because we were circling we missed our connection.  All we wanted to do was to go home!  The next flight out to Boston was going to be the next morning.  We made a really stupid decision and rented a car to drive home.  My eyes are not good at night - but I was determined.  It was rainy and dark - so I was driving very slowly.  It took forever to get home - there were parts that were super scary.  If I had to make this decision again - we would NOT do this.  But we made it home at 5am.  Jerald had to jump on a 10am flight out for work.  Our luggage arrived at 6pm that day.  Still a great vacation....

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

South Carolina Vaca - Charleston

After leaving our beautiful rental house, we decided to spend the day in Charleston and explore the city.  

We loved walking around downtown and visiting Fort Sumpter.  

South Carolina Vaca - hammock fun!